Beatles-que Music Production

Are you a songwriter, are you keen on The Beatles, and have you written some original songs that you would like to arrange in a Beatlesque way?

Are you seeking the unique sound of the early Beatles for your original songs? Would you love to reproduce their psychedelic appeal? The strings from I Am The Walrus? The sound of the guitars from Rain or George Martin’s orchestrations?

The Beatles revolutionized popular music and the impact of their sound is still the most influential in the music scene. There is no band or artist on earth that hasn’t been directly or indirectly inspired by The Beatles, and almost all the top artists who made it into the top charts are Beatles-addicted fans.

In their 9-year career The Beatles spanned almost every kind of music and possible style, from pop to psychedelia, from Celtic music to vaudeville, heavy rock and country, and they also incorporated some elements of classical music. Therefore, such thing like “The Beatles sound” cannot really be defined.

The Beatles’ sound is still a chimera freaking the greatest international artists, who seek to recreate The Beatles’ sound and arrangements also by buying the same gear used by the Fab Four in Abbey Road, not as memorabilia, but as working stuff to recreate the magic of those sounds and arrangements.

It’s been 40 years now since I was a 13-year-old boy listening to The Beatles records laying down the floor in the living room with the two loudspeakers of a record player from the Reader’s Digest placed as headphones to immerse myself in the wonderful world of those sounds.

All these years spent in listening to The Beatles’ vocals, instruments, arrangements and any details of their music led me to create the Beatles Vocal Harmony channel on YouTube, where I have posted nearly 140 videos since I launched it 5 years ago, and that has become a major reference worldwide for musicians who want to recreate the harmonies, arrangements and sound of the amazing Beatles’ music.

How it works

1) Contact me at and send me your song demo. Vocals and acoustic guitar will be fine. Please make sure to include your comments and instructions.

2) You can choose either a full arrangement with all separate tracks for your band to copy in the studio or I can provide a definitive production including your vocals, final mix and mastering you can then copy on live stage.

3) I will review the song and get back to you with an arrangement quotation.

Apply now!

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