Vocal Harmony Arrangements

Are you looking for some Beatle flavouring vocal or arrangement while still trying to be post-Y2K compliant?

The use of harmony in your music is the main trick for engaging your audience, making your music stand out over the crowd noise and taking your band to the professional level.

Unless you’re one of those gifted vocalists who seem to be able to learn how to sing harmony by simple instinct, without any practice in singing, learning to create a vocal arrangement to enrich your music may have led you to the point where things got ugly.

Ask me to produce and arrange your original music (full vocal arrangement) and take advantage of my 30-year experience achieved in studying The Beatles composing and techniques, and how they created their amazing vocal sound.

How it works

1) Send me the MP3 demo of the song you want the arrangement for by uploading it to Dropbox. Be sure to include your comments and goals.
2) Please specify whether you mean to use my tracks to recreate them on your end (lower price) or use my recording directly (higher price).
3) I will review the song and come back to you with a precise quotation, delivery date and technical comments.
4) After you send the payment (Paypal), I will create the arrangement.
5) I will then send each individual track to you in Wave format via Dropbox or Wetransfer.

Apply now

Price for a vocal arrangement starts from 80 euro up depending on the complexity of the tune. When ready I'll send you each single track in Mp3 or Wave format for you to copy or use in your project (you specify).

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