I'll show you my recording techniques

Are you interested in knowing which kind of gear, devices, guitars, microphones and audio software I am using for my videos and HOW I use them?

Let's fix a Skype or Google Hangout call where I will show you all the different recording techniques, hints and tricks, mic placement software and gear I use when I record my instrumental and vocal parts.

I'll also give you the links of all the devices so you can buy them instantly and directly.

I will offer you the above and I will also send you the link to a private video, containing a full list of the different gear I use for recording and the link to a further private video containing a detailed demo of all my different recording techniques and how I use all the gear and equipments you see in my video, so you always have a reminder.

You will also receive the links where to buy all the gears and equipments i use at the best price!

How it works

1) Contact me at info@beatlesvocalharmony.com stating you want to apply for a Skype or Google Hangout call on my recording techniques and gear.

2) We will fix a date when we both are available for the call.

3) After we fix a call you will arrange payment through Paypal (Paypal also allows you to pay with your credit card).

4) As soon as I receive your payment I will notify you and confirm the appointment.

Apply now!

The cost for this service is 250 euros for a one hour and a half consultance!

For more details contact me now at: info@beatlesvocalharmony.com

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